Wednesday, April 3, 2013


Hard to believe we're already breezing through April, where did March go? I want to relive St. Patty's Day and Easter because A) who doesn't love celebrating their Irish heritage and B) Easter candy is the best. Yes, it trumps Christmas candy (however not my Dad's chocolates).
So I thought I'd share with you a few of the highlights captured through Instagram. If you're on it, follow me @starrnicole
Here we go...
We kicked off the month with a trip to Lancaster, WI to sell one of our bulls. Pretty sure that he went to a good home and even better was we go our money! It was a busy, but entertaining weekend with my nephew Isaac. I learned that I'm in no way shape or form ready to be a parent that takes kids to cattle events. How do people my age do it? By Sunday I was exhausted, my back was killing me and I was in desperate need of a bottle of wine.
My GREAT Aunt Sally from Virgina was home for a whole week. We had a huge get together and celebrated these two younging's birthdays, it was a wild bash. Aunt Sally turned 88 and Uncle Ralph hit 90.
 Continuing on with the green... the Spartans. They had a good run at it, but bummed to see them lose to Duke. I filled out a bracket but didn't put any money down. Wishin' I would have now, I have Louisville and Syracuse going to the Championship, with Louisville winning. Guess I'll know if I was right after the final four this weekend.
March brought lots of cow watching. We have a few cute little Hereford babies on the ground. We are so ready for the snow to melt. It's a tundra! Can't complain too much, we need the moisture.
I had Isaac for a whole weekend. To myself. The weekend before Easter. So what does the world's best Aunt do? Take him to see the Easter bunny. As you can see there's no reason to stand in the long lines at the mall to sit on Santa or the Easter bunny's lap. He was less than impressed and never even make eye contact. I'm sure he'll appreciate this photo someday.
And lastly, my Easter bunny rocks! She brought me wine to-go in a screw off! LOVE it. And sipping my first glass now.


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