Friday, June 7, 2013

American's speaking Enliglish...Differently

Isn't funny when you travel or maybe just move to a different state how the lingo is totally different. How can the same things be called different things just because we're in another part of the country? When at cattle shows my sisters and I get picked on for our nasally Wisconsin accent. And I'll admit I think it would fun to have that southern drawl, but for now I'm stuck saying I'm from WisKONNNsin. Yesterday my sister, Danielle posted this news article that showed how Americans speak English in several ways. I've picked out my favorites, hopefully this is a good Friday laugh.

All I have to say to this one is...Why don't we have more of these....

 This one I don't agree on, I say pop. But supposedly SW Wisconsin people are soda drinkers.

And for the grand finale! I'm sure you'll think I'm a crazy cheesehead. But I drink out of a bubbler!

What crazy things do you say that turns heads from outa towners?


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