Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Time for a new look.

I went with this brown option to be more versatile with my wardrobe.
We all need a face lift ever once in a while. Whether it be a new tube of lipstick, designer jeans or a pair cowboy boots. I was due for a lift; while not ready for an actual face lift to calm the crows feet I opted for frames. My last glasses purchase was my sophomore year of college, six years ago to be exact. The old DKNY rectangular black plastic frames had seen better days and were pretty banged up. I'm a frequent offender of falling asleep with them on.
Shopped around and fell in love with these Juicy Coutures on framesdirect. Trendy, but classic frame size, but yet not too big. This is my first day with them, so far so good. Super comfortable and as a perk they don't slide down my short nose.
Maybe brown isn't for you, come to find out this style has a lot of colors to pick from.
Cute, but wouldn't work with all pink I have in my closet.
These were my runner-up.
 The real selling point on these though... the polka dots! Sure this isn't a surprise. Those that follow me know that I'm a firm believer that polka dots are acceptable for any occasion. The even better news: all lenses are 30% for a limited time on the Frames Direct website.
Proof of my belief that polka dots are always acceptable.
Because just wearing a polka dots sweater wasn't enough to complete today's outfit.
Happy to have another thing to add to my polka dot collection! 

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