Monday, December 2, 2013

The Things Farm Girls Do...

On Black Friday

It was a low key Thanksgiving weekend at the Starr House. You see, we celebrated the weekend prior when both my sisters were home. That meant spending Thanksgiving Day resting up and energizing for the Black Friday door busters. We aren't your typical hard-core shoppers. For us it meant getting up 9am and eating pumpkin pie & ice cream for breakfast. Because why not, it's still technically a holiday. Splurge one last time and have dessert for breakfast. Such rebels! We were fairly certain our Black Friday deal would still be there when we got to town. Where at? Wal-Mart. Best Buy. Target. None of the above. Stine's Garden and Gifts was where it was at for the Starr ladies and where we would brag about the best deal we got on...
Yep! $15 dollars a piece and the high school boy even loaded them in the bed of the truck. A STEAL! Why so many? Well, get this: None are the Starr Family Christmas Tree. These didn't make the cut to be "the one" in which we put presents under or sit by while watching Hallmark movies (FYI-- we don't really do that! :))
Once again putting the cows before ourselves. These trees are for in front of the barn. This wasn't all glitz and glamour. Only half the strand of lights were working and the second string was blinking. We had more extension cords out than what you'd need on show day. And of course they were found at the bottom of the show box in a tangle mess, completely stiff from the cold. COLD! Yes, we were cold, fuses were being blown, our lives were risked being electrocuted from changing out so many bulbs. Finally we removed ourselves from the situation and blamed it on the fact that maybe we were pulling too much power with the dryer going on the corn. Turning the corn dryer off wasn't an option, can you imagine how thrilled my Dad would have been the next time he went to check the moisture?! But hey-- we get so many complements from friends when the barn is decorated for the holidays. The thought crossed our mind to get the generator out. But that's where it ended. With blinking lights. Until the corn is dry.
It'll get done. Because when it is its' picture is going straight to Pinterest and everyone will think 'well why didn't I think of that'. And everyone will be running to Stine's for the Christmas tree deal, but wait oh.... that's right it was a Black Friday special and they'll all be paying full price! Totally joking.
Want to know the real reason we're the crazy people in BFE who decorate their barn? Because it make a perfect Christmas photo-opp for our Red Healer.
 What was the Black Friday door buster you bragged about today?

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