Saturday, September 19, 2009

Facebook.....not just a way to stalk your friends!

As we all know Social Media is becoming the way to communicate and advertise with society. Facebook, MySpace, Twitter...... are becoming a necessity for all (even our parents) to have. Tonight I would like to talk to you about the Facebook fan pages. This is a new feature that Facebook has presented to users and is growing in popularity. Businesses and organizations have gotten a hold of this free, excellent way to communicate and advertise with facebook users! It is one currently one of the best (cheapest) ways to advertise your product. Within a few days you could have a couple hundred "fans" that get status updates and are informed about your page. Toward the end of my internship at the AHA, Social Media, a.k.a. Facebook, became my main mission! We found it was a great way to inform juniors about upcoming deadlines, post pictures from the JNHE, and share experiences that kids get as members. We were also were able to get feedback on ways to improve our Jr National. Currently we have 494 members that instantly get updates on the NJHA. Facebook targets our age group and allowed us to inform members in a cost effective way. Please become a fan of the National Junior Hereford Association! Once I got back to school Cody Sankey asked me to do one for the Beef Barn. This page is so much fun to maintain. Let me tell you the fans are flocking! Please check it out and become a fan. Currently we have Hereford & Angus sale pictures up along with past MSU show champions. Please watch....the sale catalog link will be posted soon! Just so you all know Angus Connection sale is October 10th @ Sterling Hunter and the Fall Fest Hereford sale is November 7th @ MSU campus. The best part of this is........... I'm receiving 2 credits for this! This just proves that you can earn credit and someday make a career out of what you enjoy Good Night:) N. Starr

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