Tuesday, September 1, 2009

There's No Place Like Home......There's No Place Like Home

You realize this once you finally leave!
Sometimes I wish I could be just like Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz-click my red sparkly heals together and be home in a snap! However this trip to WI allowed me to be home in the snap of a ferry ride!! I drove to Muskegon, MI and rode the Lake Express to Milwaukee, WI. They even let me put my car on! From there it was just a short two hour drive and I was home in Manawa! It was the first time I was home all summer, and boy was it great! So relaxing....and it made me appreciate where I came from. Going home also makes me realize how important it is to go back and be on your own farm, see your family & friends, and be apart of the everyday life that you use to live!
On day 1 of my trip I instantly got up and drove to the Reilly house and woke up Logan (the middle Reilly boy). We ended up making a unique breakfast (pancakes with berries and scrambled eggs!) It was delic and crawled onto our leather couches in the game room and napped as the morning sun came beating through the windows!
It happened to be the Waupaca County Fair. My 6th grade teacher's daughter showed a steer for the first time so we went out to cheer her on! She did an excellent job and loved catching up with my FFA advisor Sandy Cordes and other friends!!
Having babies must be the thing to do!!! While I was home I saw soo many of my friends' babies or people who just found out they were having a baby! Baby Elle & Baby Trevor were soo cute!
Eating at the Manawa Steak House on Wednesday nights is the thing to do! $1 burgers and $1.25 cheeseburger--you can't go wrong! Everyone shows up; last Wednesday was no exception. I meet my best friend my high school, Christa for supper. It was hard to have a conversation because the whole town was there and there were so many people I HAD to say hi to and catch up with. Practically a reunion:)
My last night in Manawa ended with a good ole get together with some of our closest family friends--the Geodderzs, the Fergusons, Grandpa & Marlese, and Johnny Peterson (Reillys & Browns->we missed you :( We played corn hole, cooked out and ended the evening sitting by the campfire while Ryne and Zane made everyone a smore'! It couldn't have been better.
I made this! Doesn't happen too often so I thought it was worth documenting! Upside down raspberry cake--HOMEMADE! Let me know if you want the recipe.
Summer is over and classes begin tomorrow. Even though this wasn't the typical summer that I usually have I wouldn't trade it for the world. Thanks to everyone who made it so fun.
Tomorrow it is back to being a school girl, another year at MSU.
This was taken as I left Milwaukee. Karen, John and the kids saw me off. It's soo cute my Maddie & Noah think I literally live on the lake while I'm at school!
Nicole L. Starr


Crystal Young said...

Sounds like you had an awesome time at home. I was unaware of your cooking talents!

Amy said...

There is truly no place like home....glad you got to spend some time their...very well deserved break after a busy, busy summer. I hope your first day of class was good I am confident you will have a great year at MSU, I am so jealous, there is also nothing like those first few weeks of college in the fall. Good times!

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