Saturday, October 24, 2009

A New Source of Relaxation......YOGA!!

Spending an evening listening to the soothing sounds of my Woodwick candle as the biscotti fragrance fills my living room sipping on a glass of merlot wine....what could be more relaxing?? Well actually last Sunday I found another source of relaxation......YOGA! We've all heard about the health benefits and how it is great for your mind, body, and soul. I'm a member of the POWERHOUSE gym and they offer the class, so I thought what the heck why not give it a try. I'm always up for new experiences. To my surprise I left the class relaxed, refreshed and ready to conquer the upcoming week that was awaiting. My advice to new yoga attendees: You must go in with an "open mind", ready to do a little meditation. Make sure you can "clear" your mind of everything and just souly concentrate on you and the flexible moves the instructor wants you to try. I plan on becoming a regular at the class. Afterwards I researched YOGA and found five top reason why I recommend yoga: 1) Although it maybe a hot new trend it started more then 3,000 years ago in India 2)Training your mind, body, and breath, as well as connecting with your spirituality, are the main goals of the yoga lifestyle. 3) You heard right--You can actually tone your body through yoga 4) Yoga improves your: strength, flexibility, stamina, and balance 5) By practicing yoga you will see a reduce in your stress and anxiety level, improve metal clarity and can even help you sleep better. As relaxing as it is to sip my wine and listen to the crackling sounds of my candle (have you guys ever had a woodwick candle......I highly recommend them) I also plan on incorporating yoga classes into my weekly routine. Life as a college student is stressful and unpredictable but I feel the results of the class will benefit me in my classes and personal life. Look up class times at your local gym. -Exciting News- I have a follower that I don't know on my blog! Someone is actually noticing me at! It made my day....Thank you to Shelley Jewelry for being a follower. Watch for upcoming blog post on: Michigan State University EAT BEEF fundraiser. The MSU Purebred Beef Center is launching a new fundraiser that you won't want to miss out on! We promise the EAT BEEF merchandise will make an excellent Christmas present for your Beef enthusiasts! Stay tuned! PS- Here's a picture of my woodwick candle-another great Christmas present idea! WoodWick-fragrance never sounded so good Good Night! N. Starr

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Crystal Young said...

I think I really need to find a yoga class that I can fit into my schedule! Although the wine does sound pretty relaxign too!

Congrats on your first unknown follwer! Can't wait to read more.

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