Friday, December 18, 2009

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas...Minus the Snow We DON'T Have!!

I'm so embarrassed it have been since October 24th since my last post. Let's just say the semester was a little on the crazy side with lots of twists & turns and opportunities!! I will try to some these up as short as possible!
First off my family came to East Lansing for the Michigan State Fall Fest Sale. My family has consigned to it now for a few years. The weekend reminded the true reason of why we are in the cattle business.... the great friends made and the fact that it has kept my family close no matter how far we live from each other. Lindsay took off work a few days and helped decorate the ring and got the nickname of the "sale photographer". I have to say that I have pretty cool parents being that they can work and PaRtY just as hard as us college kids. The sale was a huge success. I was blessed to have purchased my last show heifer at the sale. (It's exciting but sad knowing it's my last heifer in the junior show :( She is a February Moler heifer, and we are getting her ready for Denver.
Before recovering from the busy sale we were packing the trailer and (all my luggage) and heading to Louisville for a week. Like any stock show it was filled with lots of fun and stories that will be told for years.
MSU Stalls in Louisville
I feel like I totally skipped out on the month of November. Within a few days of returning to Louisville I headed to my hometown of Manawa, WI for Thanksgiving. The few days that I spent I realized how truly thankful I am. I didn't realize till I left how great it is to be home with family. The country is so quite which I didn't realize till I moved to the city.
The Top 5 things that happened while home:
1) Hosted Thanksgiving with my mom's side (my cousins from Colorado even came home).
2) Got up at 4am on Black Friday to go shopping. FREE Gap sweater, and 40% off at Limited. Think I'll start making that a tradition!
3) Meet my cousins baby: Brody Webb....what a cutie! Sorry no pictures, forgot my camera in Lansing :( Take my word for it... he's cute!
4) Went to the Nutcracker with my 5 year old cousin in a castle. Maddie was in a complete fairyland.
5) Ate breakfast with the Reilly's, Geodderz and my best friend from high school Christa. So good to catch up!
From the time I got back from Thanksgiving till the present I have been a typical stressed college student. However as of yesterday at 2:45pm I am FREE and ready for winter break.
I immediately went to the mall to start and finish my Christmas shopping. I can not put into words how excited I get at the chance to wrap presents and listen to Christmas music (I know laugh laugh)! But I least I can admit that I love the bright shiny colorful paper and curling ribbon!
I like to consider myself a professional!! Love wrapping presents!
During winter break I am spending most of my time here (as in East Lansing) working at the beef barn getting the 11 head (including Miley, my heifer) for the National Western Stock Show. I depart back to Wisconsin on the 23rd to spend a little time with the family over Christmas. Watch for more posts about my trip, I have something very exciting planned!)
One last thing I want to say......... The MSU Purebred Beef Barn is selling EAT BEEF license plates and can koozies. The plates are amazing, make a statement on your truck. Our goal is to get every beef enthusiast in the state of Michigan to have one on their vehicles. License plates are $25 each; koozies are $5 each or 5/$25. Contact me, if you are interested. They make GrEaT Christmas presents! They sold like wildfire at the MI Winter Beef Show. Get 'em while they're hot!
License Plates $25 Koozie $5 each or 5/$25..... Keep your hands warm while holding that cold "pepsi"
The number 1 item on my New Year's Resolution list is to do a thousand times better at keeping up with my blog. I really do lead somewhat of an exciting life that I would love to share with you all.
If I don't post before Christmas I hope you all have a very Merry Christmas!
Happy Holidays!!
Nicole Starr

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Crystal Young said...

Yeah for a new blog post! I love wrapping Christmas presents too. Usually my sister let's me wrap all of hers too. Can't wait to hear how your Christmas goes.

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