Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas in Wisconsin with Good Family & Friends

Happy Holidays!!
As you all know I am working at the Beef Barn over break. So far it's been great!!! Last Wednesday I flew home to spend a few days with my family (and a lot of friends too). We had soo much fun Christmas Eve with Grandpa & Marlese, Grandma Starr, The Reilly and Geodderz Families. We have made it a tradition to spend Christmas eve with these two family friends. They feel soo much like family:) We are lucky! Every family has a traditional as to what they eat on Christmas. And I will admit my family's tradition is quite odd..... Split Pea Soup and Grilled Samlon. Weird huh?? And no one know how or why it got starter but it is a good thing to keep going. And of course oodles and oodles of Christmas cookies and my dad Famous Homemade chocolate candy. I think he could go into business with this time of year!
Christmas day we "party hopped" to Reilly and Geodderz houses and enjoyed time with the family they had over.
The Starr Sisters with Grandpa Lindsay The time went soo fast filled with eating, laughter, opening cool presents and relaxation. To top off the fun I got to go to my first Green Bay Packer football game.!!!! They beat the Seahawks! Cullan Reilly and I went and had Club Seats:) Scott our ET Vet has the seats and has offered them to me several times but as you all know I'm NEVER home these days! It was 26* and we had to drink our beers fast so they wouldn't freeze! Not joking:) A loaded brat (sauerkraut, onions, cheese ketchup) was enjoyed by both of us. Toward the end of the game we got to go into a box seat (Scott & his wife were in). Totally cool! The game was like nothing I've ever experienced. Thanks Scott & Nancy for letting us go. It was a highlight of my Christmas. Cullan and I enjoying the game....Looks like he's had a few beers:) Now back to work and gearing up for Denver:) Next post will hopefully be: New Years Resolutions.......And boy do I have a few that need to be accomplished! Have a great week everyone Forgot to mention: I got to meet Keller for the first time Christmas Eve. What a fun baby N. Starr

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