Saturday, February 26, 2011

It's Citrus, It's Thirst Quenching....SUN DROP

Sun Drop- Who's heard of it, anyone? For sure my Wisconsin friends have as this is made and primarily sold only in Wisconsin. Now when I hear the word Sun Drop I think back to about 10+ years ago when my sisters and I would drink like it was going out of style at the summer shows. Sitting around the stalls, hanging out with our friends getting a "sugar-buzz" off sun drop and playing practical jokes; oh yeah that what us and we were bad-ass. Our Illinois friends liked it SO much that we started having to pack extra so they was enough to send back with them to "get them through" till the next time we'd reunite! For awhile it was a #1 show necessity, obviously our beverage of choice has changed as we've all gotten older!
In fact, Sun Drop is even bottled into glass bottles in Shawano, WI; where my sister and bro-in-law work at Genex Cooperative, Inc. What's better then a bottle of Sun Drop after a Genex tour??
Sun Drop is so popular they even have a Facebook page, made sure to give them some love on facebook! Place your order with me if you miss this lemon-lime pop!
Happy Saturday!
N. Starr

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