Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Did you wear your GREEN today??

I'm taking roll call.... Who all wore Green today?? I hope all of you would be raising your hands because today was the 2nd Annual Wear Green in Support of Agriculture Day! I proudly walked into Bader Rutter & Associates wearing a cardigan with green argyle triangles! Tonight I would like to give prompts to the individuals that sent me the Facebook invite for this world-wide event to raise agriculture awareness and educate those around us. Why green you may ask?? The agriculture industry is the GREENEST industry there is in this great land! Today is a day to showcase what we are doing and explain with a positive attitude our industry and lifestyle.
I was 100% honored to be invited to this event by Barrett Smith and Rachel Erickson. Barrett, a Kansas State student, and Rachel a UW-River Falls student. I completely admire Kansas State. I visited KSU for the first time while attending the National Junior Hereford Association PRIDE Convention in 2005. Great Agriculture University with excellent professors! I also have a connection with Rachel. My Dad, Sister and Brother-in-law all attending UW-RF-- Another great college with excellent professors. Rachel also grew up in Oshkosh, not too far from my farm in Manawa, WI. And my Grandma Starr lives in Oshkosh!
As you can see the agriculture industry is very close-knit and everyone knows everyone, which I love! They connections you make are so rewarding. I encourage all of you to get out and meet other agriculture advocates. Networking is so important in today's society.
Get out and tell others about OUR agriculture story. Only WE can tell it best:)

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