Friday, March 11, 2011

Friday Finds--> Friday Fish Fry

A tongue-twister of a title! It's Friday--There's no better way to end your work week and kick off lent then with a Friday Fish Fry, a very much Wisconsin tradition. Tonight every hick, home-town pub will be packed with the locals drinking a cold beer, devouring in an amazing perch dinner and enjoying camaraderie. I, on the other hand, like to sit back, take it all in and people watch (and maybe snicker at a few of the outfits).
Those of you who don't know about these grand events I encourage to make a trip to WI to get the full experience. Perch dinners are usually served with french fries, coleslaw, home made potato salad and rye bread (Carboholic-City!) Restaurants/bars have signs up advertising their fish fry and it's "the thing" to do during lent. When lent falls in February most snowmobile to these places. I grew up going out for Friday fish Fry's, it's an authentic Wisconsin tradition that we are known for. This was originally created by Catholics in observance of the no meat on Lenten Fridays. Each year I make a conscious effort to observe this but usually remember it's Friday after ordering a steak! My mom taught me the genius trick of "trading days". If you know you want to eat meat on Friday then just don't eat meat on Thursday. Even Trade!! Love it and we're probably going to Hell! Tonight is my first Friday's in a couple years that I've been around for and can't wait. I imagine we will be getting take-out but even that is still delic! Getting excited for this weekend it's Lindsay's Baby shower. My car is packed and ready to go, be ready for a full report:)
Happy Friday!

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