Sunday, April 3, 2011

April's 3 in 30

What a totally lazy, but also productive weekend. It's Sunday morning a little after 9 I'm awake, but can't get myself out of bed! At this rate I'm hoping to just get ready and go to church this morning.
I know we are already 3 days into April, but I needed to take some time to think about what I was going to cross off the list this month.
Goal #1: Read my little Catholic Black Book: Little black books are passed out at our church at the beginning on Advent and Lent each year. Each day of Lent has a six minute reading and reflection on the Gospel (right-hand page) and the left hand page has a variety of quotes, info and timely thoughts. It's small (pocket-sized) and can travel anywhere; a great Lenten act.
Goal #2: April is Spring Cleaning!: And yes, I'll admit I'm a pack-rat (says the girl who threw out 10+ garbage bags of Junk from her room at home!). So in an effort to not have to go through that again I will be cleaning and donating clothes I no longer wear or need. I will be doing this at my place in Milwaukee and unfortunately my room at home too! Also doing a little cleaning here at my condo so I'm not accumulating too much unnecessary junk!
Goal #3: Use my YMCA Membership 3x/week (4 would be best!): This is a goal that wasn't completed from March so it's making a second appearance! I love the Y, last month was just too crazy and hello.... Swim suit season is fast approaching and I really want to hang out the at beach on Lake Michigan! I guess a healthy diet fits into this goal as well.... Damn March girl scout cookies! (Ok it was a rough month!)
Happy Sunday!!

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