Friday, June 17, 2011

Friday Flare --> VICI Capilli

Finally have my Brookfield hairstylist!

In my experiences of moving a place doesn't feel like a home until you finally have a hairstylists. You see living in Lansing I got totally hooked on a male hairstylist Alex. Hands down the best haircuts, highlights and head/neck massages I've ever received. Since I was such a loyal customer he treated me well in terms of coupons, freebies etc. Sadly I had to leave Alex behind at the Regis Salon in the Meridan Mall.
Tuesday however I found a replacement! My friend Laurie referred me to a girl named Inge at VICI Capilli Salon in Brookfield Square. Not only did I get a great haircut (it was lookin rough, too plain & simple for this wild child), Inge has a fun personality and we chatted the whole time. Yes finding a hairstylist is more than just a good cut & color it's about the friendship and conversations you have! For me, I must be able to bond with the individual with the scissors!
I've had some bad experience over the past 6 months, for me my hairstylist must meet the following set of criteria:
  •  He/She must NOT have streaks of hot pink, purple, blue, orange or lime greens color in their hair.
  • DO NOT scrub my scalp raw at the shampoo bowl with the water hose. I don't need a scalp exfoliating treatment.
  • Like my doctor I prefer the individual to be older then me
  • Must be able to carry on a somewhat intelligent conversation; please refrain from saying "umm ya, totally, so like" etc.
  • I came in for a good cut and/or color, however a conversation is important to! I must bond!
Needless to say I'm very happy with Inge, we've bonded, she's meet the criteria above and will be back for a second appointment. If in the Brookfield area I recommended VICI Capilli, ask for Inge!


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