Monday, September 19, 2011

A few days away from the city grit

Fresh Country Air

Come Fridays at 5 O'clock I'm chomping at the bit and ready to hit the road north. It's funny how once you get on WI-10 and head west there's this distinct country smell. To some people they'd be grossed out or even hold their noses. It's not a bad manure-like smell it just smells of livestock, crops and fresh air. I of course love the smell and if it weren't for the sudden drop in temperature I'd roll down the windows and open the sunroof!
This weekend was just like I'd expected.... Another Marathon weekend! Friday evening started out with putting the final touches on my crafts that I was selling in my Mom's Crosscut Solutions booth at the Manawa Farmer's Market.
My parents, Brenda and I were up with the rooster crock-a-do-da-lo-ing on Saturday. Mom & Dad packing up the greenhouse items and hitting the big market while the rest of us stayed and did chores and got ready for Beef Expo (this Thurs-Saturday in MLK).
The corn is already starting to dry down. Up close you can see the bottom of the stlks turning brown.
Harvest 2011 will be here soon.

Unforuntately there wasn't a big crowd at the market and we didn't have as much success as we'd hoped. I did sell one of my painted pumpkins.
These are the pumpkins I'm selling. Each are specially hand painted
w/Halloween designs or sayings. $12 each. Watch for an upcoming post.
The day concluded by getting cleaned up (in record timing) and heading to Readsburg to celebrate a good cattle friend, Garrett Graber, getting married. It was a great time, big-white tent, ceremony by the pond. They did a great job decorating with straw bales, mum and even flowers from Crosscut Solutions Greenhouse. No pictures of us all dress up, sorry!
Sunday consisted of a repeat of washing Beef Expo cattle. Miley & her calf should be all ready to go!
What is this girl going to do with herself after this weekend
when she's not getting pampered anymore and has to be an actual cow in the pasture!??!!

And before I headed back I got to spend time with this little cutie! It's getting to have quite the personality, so alert and loves to have your undivided attention!
Isaac with his Fairy Godmother! What a great way to end a great weekend.

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