Saturday, September 17, 2011

Manawa's Farmer Market

Crosscut Solutions Greenhouse

Good Morning! If you're spending the weekend in Manawa I invite you to quick grab your cup of coffee and head down to the downtown area to see all the fall festivities!
Crosscut Solutions Greenhouse has a booth and will be selling their fall items. Come look at the fall mums, ornamental grasses, millet, kale, decorative peppers and garden art. Remember my earlier post about my marathon weekend? Well farm market attendees will get first dips on the steal garden art we picked up at Steel Heart in IL last weekend. Check out the facebook page.
Also- I will be selling one of my many to come fall crafts! I'm writing this post a head here but as of right now I'll be selling one glow in the dark eyeball wreath (pictured below). Watch for my handmade decorative (Halloween/fall) soap to come in the next week.
Happy Saturday!
It was hard to get a good picture! Sorry!
Anyways this wreath can hang on your door and the eyeballs are glow
in the dark!
This is the only one!

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