Monday, October 31, 2011


Halloween 2011.

It's pretty obvious that I love fall and decorating pumpkins, however oddly enough I'm not a huge fan of dressing up. OK-fine, call me the Halloween Scrooge! Don't get me wrong I think it's cute when kids dress up, trick-or-treat and go to Halloween parties. Anyways, this year I switched things up and dressed up with my co-workers, we were all a character from a liquor or mixed drink, our clients even joined in on the fun. We called ourselves "The Liquor Cabinet"!
We won Honorable Mention at the Bader Rutter Halloween party.
I was Pink Lady.
Yesterday was trick-or-treating in West Allis and I got to tag along with my cousins, Maddie & Noah. This was my first time trick-or-treating in the city and getting to go from door to door. As a kid in the country we would have to drive to all the neighbors. While we didn't get to go to as many stop, those old ladies gave us plenty of candy. They made out special treat bags with our names on it! So personalized in the country!
Noah was a green goblin, Maddie was Cleopatra.
Ready or not here we come...Trick-or-treat!
Then last night after my city trick-or-treat adventure I received this picture message from my Mom. My nephew Isaac is dressing up today as a Lion! Is this not the cutest little lion you've ever seen? He'll be a hit today at daycare!
My first Halloween
So what Halloween treats or tricks will you be doing today?

Happy Halloween!

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