Tuesday, November 1, 2011

November #3in30


As you can tell October wasn't a good 3in30 goal month for me! OOPS! I will say October was full of pumpkin decoupaging, a trip to Michigan and Kansas City and more pumpkin decoupaging! A fun fall month, but everyday being reminded how cold it is getting and BAM here we are at the first of November! It seems like we are just recovering from the holidays last year! Here's the November line up, check out the #3in30 website for goal setting advice and to encourage the weekly featured #3in30 guest.

  • Clean out my car- That means clean out the junk, vacuum, wipe down the inside. Get it good and clean from hood to truck!
  • Knit two scarves- I finished my first scarf/muff and it's soo adorable! My next one is started, hopefully my Aunt Jo and I will be able to crank out two!
  • Use my YMCA membership 3x/week- I'm paying for it so better use it. Enough said!
Hopefully I'll get this and much more completed during the busy hectic November and pre-rush of the holiday craziness!


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