Monday, January 16, 2012

A Green Bay loss, Kenosha win

What a weekend! First off I spend the last few days in Denver, CO for the National Western Stock Show, more exciting details on that cattle event to come tomorrow. However here’s a little teaser.

Besides my trip west, Wisconsin had a roller coaster ride of a weekend. To my surprise as I was checking my Facebook Sunday morning on my ride to the airport, I learned that Miss Wisconsin WON the Miss America title at the pageant in Las Vegas. Unfortunately, Saturday night I was pretty wrapped up in the NWSS fun and didn’t even realize the pageant was happening, let alone the fact Miss Wisconsin was in the hunt! Congrats to Miss Wisconsin and her family! I can’t remember if Miss Wisconsin has ever won the pageant? Looking forward to watching the new Miss America throughout 2012, perhaps she’ll be an agriculture advocate like the 2011 Miss America? I can only hope!

Now for the let down… oh my poor Packers! Like any other Wisconsinite, I’m a huge fan. All my Sundays have consisted on cheering on the green and gold and of course bragging about our 15-1 record. Today has been pretty quite around the office as far as “Packer talk” goes. I think we are still mourning our loss. Green Bay still has the best fans and we’ll be ready for next season!

I know it’s January 16th and my November 3 in 30 goals are still up. November feels like so long ago (well I guess it was) I don’t even know if I completed them! So here’s to a new thought… 3 in 15! That’s right, still participating however with less time. We’ll see how I do!

  • Workout 4x/week. One of my New Year’s Resolutions is to get into shape. Heck, I’m paying for the YMCA membership might as well use it! I also hope to do a few classes such as: Body Attack (yikes), Zumba and Sunrise Yoga (hope I can get out of bed).
  • Eat Healthy. No Sweets. For those that know me well you are aware of my sweet tooth. Are you seeing a theme here? I am trying to stick to a diet! I’ve found myself putting horrible (but oh so delightful) foods into my mouth, I use to be so well behaved, what’s happened?!
  • Wake up at 6 am 4x/week. This past year I’ve become a complete snoozer! I shouldn’t need all this extra sleep, what happened to the days of functioning on just a few hours of sleep? (I miss college!) Don’t worry, I’ll let you know what I accomplish during this one hour, it use to be consumed by me being snug as a bug in my warm bed.
Looking forward to getting back to the grind stone and crossing a few things off my never ending to-do list. Did you see my Instagram post earlier today? #runningoutoftime

What are your New Year’s Resolutions?


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