Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Animal Meteorologists?

Time to open the sunroof!

As I clock struck five I couldn't help but pack up and head out to take advantage of this warm weather! It was driving me crazy that I was missing out on the 50* weather all afternoon. My laptop bag and lunchbox hit the ground, I immediately changed into my running gear and off I was! Just getting back now and winding down from a long run. I love being able to run in my neighborhood and get fresh air; it beats inhaling the stuffy gym air.
So is this just another prank of mother nature? Punxsutawney Phil did say that we were going to have six more weeks of winter, was he slacking on the job? And the Farmer's Almanac stated that March would be greeted with a lion. Perhaps we should turn to the animals to be the real meteorologist. Thanks to Pinterest I found this neat way to forecast the weather, without gadgets. With this week being National Agriculture Week, I thought I'd highlight the animal section. Animals are more likely to changes in the air pressure then we are. Tada! Finally someone/something to predict this crazy Wisconsin weather. Click here to view the full poster.
  • Cows will typically lie down before a thunderstorm. They also tend to stick as a group if bad weather is on its way.
  • Ants build their hills with very steep sides just before it rains.
  • Birds flying high in the sky indcates fair weather
  • Cats tend to clean behind their ears before it rains
  • Turtles search for higher ground before the rain hits


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