Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Wordless Wednesday: An Indiana Easter

Indiana is just a hop away!

To celebrate the Easter weekend, we (Mom, Dad and 3rd sister Brenda) packed up the car and headed down to Boilermaker Territory for a weekend of cattle, Harry's Chocolate Shoppe and Easter celebration. Proudly, I even squeezed in a Saturday morning run through a subdivision.

Mom thought she'd be funny and pose by this sign at the sale. We always knew she had a future as a donor female. It was just that kind of joky-type of a weekend! This was funny after a Starbucks caffine high.
The Starr Girls (minus Lindsay of course) at the Golden Girls Sale. It was such a nice weekend to be outside and at a cattle sale!

Thanks to one of Danielle's best college friends, originally from New York but has recently taken a job in sales with Dow Agrosciences upon graduation, for taking this photo! She's grew up showing hogs, bet she'd love yesterday's Pork Be Inspired post. Can't wait to spend more time at Harry's Chocolate Shoppe in May at graduation!


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