Wednesday, August 29, 2012


It's been a lack of blogging kind of month. But here I am for a quick post. Lots of students are starting school this week. For Michigan State today is the first day of classes. Who else misses the fall semesters? I know I sure do. It was always so exciting to get back into the swing of college life. Who would have thought those years would fly so fast! What was your favorite part of back to school?
Since I didn't get a chance to write an actual post I wanted to recommend two blogs that I think you'll like.

  • Cows, Corn & Country Girl - You must read her 365 day project post. She helped her brother created a really cool music video for a scholarship application. I hope they win! Best of Luck.
  • From Paris With Love - Ever heard of the "High Five for Friday" series? This southern bell shares the top five best/neatest/coolest/out-of-this-world things that happened in her week. She also take time to share all that's she's grateful for in her "Thankful Thursday" series.  

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