Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Wisconsin State Fair

Going to the WI State Fair has been a family tradition of ours for many years, in fact my parents even met at the State Fair. My dad was ask to fit cattle for my mom's family and the rest was history! In fact, my parents are even celebrating their anniversary tomorrow. This state fair however was like unlike any of the other I've attended, there was lots of excitement happening in the Hereford stalls on Friday.
My long time friend (and when I say long time I mean our parents showed together, the kids showed together as kids and now we're adults) proposed to his girlfriend of 5 years on the Sky Glide. It's been there tradition to ride this every year! Talk about having a good story to tell about how you got engaged! Friday was such a long day, several of us knew about it! Those secrets are had to keep!

And this is how engagement parties happen when you're at a cattle show! Look at that rock!

My Kansas City sister was home and got to show her heifer, the real reason we were at the fair! We did OK, this year we were going just to have fun! Mission accomplished.

You're never too old to ride a slide at the state fair! Best (and only) thing you can do for $2. And yes, that's my dad in the lead!

Last weekend we got to know a new family that shows Angus cattle from IL, the Brooks from IL. They were stalled across from us in the barn. We had lots of fun getting to know their two girls. We also spent alot of time drinking sweet tea vodka. And Facebook doesn't lie...Starr Sisters were voted for having the best state fair drink, what an accomplishment!

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