Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Cowboy Boot Decor

Before buying a pair of boots I always examine the design of boot top. I love tops that are brightly colored and have a one of kind designs. You can see my latest pair here, I am so glad I made this purchase last summer. Why does it matter what the top of the boot looks like, it's not like anyone sees this part? I guess it's just reassurance they look good just in case anyone would happen to see them. Kinda like not being able to leave the house unless you're wearing match bra and undies:)
At the National Western Stock Show I found out why it is important to buy boots only with good-lookin' tops. When your boots have been seen better days and resoling is no longer an option, cut off the tops and turn them into a mirror frame. 
Also a little peak of the vintage boots I was wearing.
Maybe you have kids that growing likes weeds and you can't stand to part with giving away their first real pair of cowboy boots. This would be a great way to display them. I've also heard of people planting flowers in their old boots. What uses have you found for worn out boots?


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