Sunday, February 3, 2013

Raven's or 49er's?

Who's it going to be?

Even though Green Bay isn't in the Super Bowl, I'm still wearing my Packers sweatshirt today. Kick off will still go on with or without the Packers playing. Another thing that will still go on is the food and thank god for that. Love my Packers, but let's get real, the food is really why we love getting together on Sundays to watch the big game. If you're headed to a party tonight and still looking for a dish to pass, I thought I'd share my favorite game-time app courtesy of no other than the Pioneer Women. Jalapeno Poppers, yes my favorite, so much so that I could make a meal out of just them! Visit the PW website for the recipe
This recipe comes with a warning...
Jalapenos are HOT and Dangerous, take caution when handling! At Christmas time when making the poppers for a get together I got resourceful. For those that don't know what these are they're big plastic gloves used to artificially inseminate cows or use to help cows when calving. And they also serve a purpose in the kitchen when working with hot objects. Mark my word you DON'T want to handle a jalapeno and then scratch your eye, you'll be cursing the ground you walk on for days!


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