Thursday, October 24, 2013

Fall into Michigan

Fall 2013 is complete, in my book. I went on a last minute road trip to Pure Michigan. Yes, I'm partial to this state because I spent the best four years of my life there and made awesome friends. But what I miss the most (besides those awesome friends) is the fall. You can't beat a Michigan fall day. So pretty you could make a postcard out of it. Trust me it's all that Tim Allen describes it to be on the Pure Michigan commercials and more.
My fall is now complete because I went on a wimp and did a last minute road trip and stayed with my college roommate and her husband on their farm. It was fun to see all the hard work they've put into the barn and cattle runs to make it their own. What did we do? We had no plans, which is why it was great. Whenever I visit them, I come back relaxed and refreshed. Dinner with more friends at a local diner, wine drinking till 1:30am and coffee drinking till Noon. Great conversations have been had in Jamie & Troy's farm house.
You know my love for pumpkins, so as a treat I got to go to Gale Aces Farm. Troy's family's farm, where they sell pumpkins. And let me tell you...the DIY fall decor they sell could take Pinterest out of business.
The first time I visited Gale Acres my comment was, "Now this is an ideal Michigan farm. Big white farm house, red buildings and white picket fence." Love it, right out of a calendar.  

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