Monday, October 28, 2013

It's Sale Day

Bidding is now open for the Johnson Family Cattle Co. on Breeders' World. Here's your opportunity to purchase cattle the have the style and balance needed for the showring but then can turn out in the pasture and be highly productive & profitable. Plus the people selling them are pretty great too!
Cheers to my sister and her family on a great sale! They're excited about this year's offering. Sale closes at 7pm CST.
Pretty pumped about this photo I took of the reds at the open house last weekend.
Tune in later this week. I'm sharing a cookie recipe that is an absolute must for any cattle event. Trust me, it was a crowd pleaser at the open house.

Happy Monday!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for all your promo efforts Nicole! We appreciate it. ~ Lindsay

Nicole Starr said...

You're welcome!! It was a fun sale year!! Glad the heifers and steers went to great homes.

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