Thursday, December 19, 2013

Holiday Workout...and repeat

It never fails, I'll be go along all year with a fantastic workout route that I follow religiously... boot camp two times a week, running three times a week. But then I flip the calendar over to December 1st and BAM! It all goes to hell. What is it about December? God love it, but the month goes too fast and we're all running to get everything done before Dec. 25. To-do lists a mile long, juggling end of year at work and baking, brainstorming the perfect gift for cousin it and once you think you have all the shopping done a friend from 10 years back throws you a curve ball and shows up on your doorstep with a nice, thoughtful gift while you stand empty handed. We're all been there. Just admit it.
The holiday parties... love 'em. Love the food, love the people. However, all those calories we consume in cookies, grasshoppers and appetizers don't count, right?! After all they're ALL little bites, no one needs to know how many of those little bits go in our mouths and eventually straight to our highs. Don't get me wrong I love this jolly time of year to slow down and think about what really matters in life. But yikers, I guess that's why the gyms are so packed come January 1.
At least there's one routine that has stayed consistent! Here's to crossing a few things off the Christmas to-do list and turning up your favorite Christmas Pandora station.

Photo courtesy of the my Pinterest addiction.

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