Friday, July 29, 2011

starrnicole is on INSTAGRAM

Friday Flare

This week's Friday Flare is INSTAGRAM. I've heard about it at work, a few of my friends are showing off their summer vaca destinations using this FREE app. So this week I sat down and set up my account. So far I think it's a really cool feature to add to your Ipod, Ipad or Iphone. I use the Ipod G4 and LOVE IT. Highly recomend it. I use it for my Nike + personal trainer and now for to see every foot step I take. Don't worry I won't get that carried away:) What I like about INSTAGRAM is that you can easily share your photo to Facebook or Twitter. Back when I was pre-INSTAGRAM it seemed to take forever to upload a picture for facebook from my phone. This new app uploads instantaniously! Here's my first few INSTAGRAM moments:) Follow me on INSTAGRAM: starrnicole and Twitter: nstarrgirl
Watch for more instagram captures this weekend from the 5 year class reunion. I know where does the time go!
Working on pinterest, not quite there yet. Could that be next week's Friday Flare?? You'll have to check back!

A little twitter shout out announcing my instagram presence

Instagram offers lots of unique filters to apply to your photos.
Happy Friday

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