Monday, December 30, 2013

Year in Review

Another year is over. Where do the days, weeks and months go? For me, 2013 flew. But I think that's the sign of a good year. Here are my 12 highlights of 2013.

January: What better way to start the year than in the Mile High City for the National Western?! Love the people, cattle and atmosphere. Only a few more weeks and we'll be back in Denver for the 2014 NWSS.
February: My godson, Isaac, said my name. And I've answered to "Cole" or "NA-Cole" ever since.
 Looking forward to spoiling another niece or nephew in February 2014.

March: I got a taste of my true Irish heritage when my GREAT Aunt Sally from Virginia came home for St. Patrick's Day. We also celebrated Aunt Sally and Uncle Ralph's birthdays (88 and 90). I captured a YouTube worthy video of the Hurley birthday song.
April: The ground thawed and we saw green grass. Thank GOD.
May: A trip to Kansas City for Cinco de Mayo and watching the Kentucky Derby in the Power & Light District. Which meant one thing... drinking mint juleps out of margarita glasses. KC for the Derby? It was cheaper and we got to visit my sister.
June: Was able to cross off New Hampshire, Massachusetts and Maine from states I've visited. Had a blast at Logan and Marissa's wedding in New Hampshire and I've decided to save up for a vacation home in Maine. (You'll find there was a wedding theme in 2013:))
Even took a family photo which was the Starr Christmas card.
Never have we gotten that taken care of so early! Clean up pretty good don't we!?
July: To Kansas City again, this time for the Hereford Junior National and conveniently another trip to the Power & Light District
August: A college/cattle friend's wedding in Indiana. So happy we were there to celebrate with Cody & Lindsay and get to see so many of my favorite people in one spot!
September: A sad month as Grandma Starr passed away. But we're so lucky to have had her in our lives for so long. Good memories that will be cherish forever.
October: Christa & Aaron's wedding, a 2013 highlight! So blessed I was able to stand next to Christa on her big day. Plus seeing so many high school friends brought back sweet memories.
The class of 2006. We haven't changed a bit!
November: A quick trip to Louisville for the NAILE to help celebrate my college professor and family friend be inducted into Saddle and Sirloin portrait hanging.
December: Here we are. Another year closing and excited to see what 2014 brings.

First up in 2014 is cheering on the Spartans in the Rose Bowl!

Cheers to a prosperous year.


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